Shareholder Tom

Shareholder Tom – Paint Afresh (2021)

“Do you actually know how often Picasso painted over his paintings?” my brother once asked me while we were talking about creative processes.

Some of the tracks on this album have been accompanying me for decades now. For example, songs like “Dancing with Marvin” or “Careful” were created in 2008 with Gary Harrison, originally from Brooklyn, New York. It was as early as 1994 in our recording studio, in the Bergisches Land region at the time, that Gary and I recorded the first demos for “A Change is Coming.”

I sorted out the material over and over again and re-recorded single instruments. I even rearranged or replaced the very last notes that had not been recorded by real musicians with real instruments.

Since the 1960s, soul music has always been breaking new ground – it has always been trying things out. Some of these experiments enriched the musical gene pool of the genre. Other paths sooner or later led to dead ends. With Paint Afresh, I am once again searching for the essence of soul music.

At some point, a song – maybe like a fine wine – becomes sublime. It’s above any trends, audience expectations, or influences from an outside world

that probably has already rushed past the present material at a breathtaking pace decades ago.

The last Shareholder Tom album was released about five years ago. Since then, music has moved more into the background, and visual art has stepped into my work’s focus. But just as it was with many artists, the Corona pandemic gave me the opportunity to plunge into my work as a musician and music producer again.

I took the tracks on Paint Afresh, which originally dated back to the last decade, completely apart again to rearrange them from scratch. Due to the pandemic in 2020, the cultural scene was largely idle, and many musicians were practically on compulsory leave. This was my chance to assemble a kind of Cologne all-star band for soul and jazz for the new recordings for Paint Afresh. As a result, some of the best musicians in town can be heard on the album.

Alison Degbe (Vocals) / Phyllis Funksoul (Vocals, Backing Vocals) / Anna Gaden (Vocals), Gary Harrison (Vocals) / Jbid Assadurian (Backing Vocals) / Jean-Paul Korth (Backing Vocals) / Felix Miles (Saxophone, Fender Rhodes, Piano, String Arrangements, Violin) / Chris Fehre (Percussions) / Maxim Zettel (Percussions “Friday I´m In Love”) / Dirk Schaadt (Hammond Organ) / Matthias Strucken (Vibraphone) / Volker Deglmann (Trumpet, Flugelhorn) / Heiko Bidmon (Baritone Sax, Flute) / Tobias Weidinger (Trumpet “Love Leaves You Blue”) / Carlos Ricaurte (Bass) / Oliver Lutz (Double Bass) / Michael Theissing-Tegeler (Trombone) / Jan Torkewitz (Saxophone, Brass Arrangements) / Thomas Berghaus (Guitars, Ukulele, Drums, Percussions, Backing Vocals).

Produced by Shareholder Tom. Recorded & mixed by Thomas Berghaus at Büro.9 recording studio. Additional Recordings: Felix Miles at Blühmeer recording studio, Phil Kullmann at Raw Artistic Studios, Stefan Mohr at Mohrmusic. Mastered by Kai Blankenberg at Skyline Tonfabrik.