Travis & Tom

The London – Cologne Journeys

of Travis Blaque and Shareholder Tom (2009​-​2016)

Londoner MC Travis Blaque and Cologne-based music producer Shareholder Tom met for the first time in 2009 at the recording sessions for Shareholder Tom’s debut album. Over the years, a friendship was born and Blaque appeared on various Shareholder Tom productions as a featured artist. As they began working together, Tom and Blaque sent each other audio files through the Internet, but soon after, recording sessions were set up in Cologne on a regular basis. The London-Cologne journeys of Travis Blaque and Shareholder Tom gives an insight into seven years of collaboration and contains two newly recorded songs: „Unlucky in Love“ and „The Good Good.”

MC Travis Blaque began his course in the London Hip-Hop scene in the ’80s with rapping in projects like The Herbalizer and Quiet Boyz. About ten years ago, he was on tour with Ugly Duckling as a supporting act. In 2006, his debut album The Many Facets of Travis Blaque was released by Unique Records in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Travis Blaque (MC), Jbid Assadurian (Vocals), Alison Degbe (Vocals), Phyllis Funksoul (Vocals), Felix Miles (Saxophone, Piano, Organ), Volker Deglmann (Trumpet), Heiko Bidmon (Baritone Sax), Michael Theissing Tegeler (Trombone), Chris Fehre (Percussions), Ingo Seifert (Bass), Stefan Mohr (Hammond Organ), Tobias Weidinger (Trumpet), Bisrat Teclebrhan (Programming), Thomas Berghaus (Guitar, Percussion, Programming).

Produced by Shareholder Tom. Recorded & Mixed by Thomas Berghaus at Büro.9 recording studio. Mastered by Kai Blankenberg at Skyline Tonfabrik.